Industrial Cleaning Solutions


We offer complete material handling solutions using powerful stationary or Mobile units to convey dry materials and sludge over long distances,


our wide range of industrial cleaning solutions are tailored to give the client peace of mind and assist in providing a safe and healthy working environment for their staff, thereby enabling them to focus on their core business and improve productivity


The use of technology such as high pressure water jetting offers a highly effective way to remove deposits & coatings from tanks, vessels and pipes as well as the cutting of concrete and steel, this water jetting approach ensures production quality and is more cost efficient, improving productivity whilst being environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and the disposal thereof


Other services offered are

  • Unblocking Municipal drains

  • Dust cleaning & Suppression

  • Deep Cleaning of Toilets / Change rooms etc

  • Cleaning & Recycling of oils and other hazardous materials

  • Emptying of Septic & other waste water tanks

  • Emptying of Dams including removal of mud & sludge

  • Hiring & Disposal of Skip bins


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